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Saddlebunch Keys Sunrays

The legendary scenery found only in the Florida Keys can bring out the artist in everyone; it's an almost magical byproduct of life in this Florida island paradise. Painters, musicians, writers and countless other artisans flock here from all over the world to perfect their craft using the lush and vibrant scenic backdrop for personal inspiration. While offering a haven for artists is what makes this gorgeous island unique, it can also pose a challenge for consumers, particularly those searching for qualified Key West photographers. With so many providers to choose from, successfully gleaning through a seemingly endless list of photographers in Key West to find the right firm to partner with can quickly start to feel overwhelming.

Vaughn Garner Photography: Key Differentiators That Separate Us From Key West Photographers

At Vaughn Garner Photography, we understand that you do have options when it comes to finding the right Key West photographers to deliver a slice of scenic southern Florida to your doorstep, wherever that may be. That's why we proudly off a comprehensive range of service offerings and differentiators that help us instantly stand out from other photographers in Key West.

Working with Vaughn Garner Photography offers:

Award-winning, published photographer: Unlike other Key West photographers, at Vaughn Garner, photography isn't merely our hobby, it's our passion. Our clients receive images taken by a skilled, award-winning and published photographer. Some of his distinctive credentials include:

• Earned degree from the New York Institute of Photography

• Received the "Award of Merit" from the New York Institute of Photography, for "Cloud Sails" on August 10, 2010

• "Spectacular Key West," an 80 page, hardcover photobook was published by Key West Publishing, LLC on August 12, 2013. The 2nd Edition of “Spectacular Key West” was released in February, 2015 after the 1st Edition sold out.

• Cover and featured photographer in the city guide magazine “The Essential Guide to Historic Key West,” published by Historic Tours of America in April, 2014.

Breathtaking images: Of course, the photographer is only one critical component to consider when sourcing through various regional photographers for a professional provider. The selection of images offered is also important when making a final selection. At Vaughn Garner, we pride ourselves on offering our clients access to virtually every facet of scenic outdoor Florida. No ordinary, cookie-cutter photos here. Instead, you'll get to choose from a virtually endless selection of Key West moments to find the perfect visual experience for your home or office.

Customized final pieces: Every customer has his or her own unique vision of what their chosen photograph will look like when hung. At Vaughn Garner Photography, we pride ourselves on making the journey from vision to reality as seamless as possible. When browsing through our collections, you'll not only be able to select the precise size needed for your space, you'll also have extensive options in paper finishes, framing styles and even canvas and metal materials to further customize your piece. When choosing us over other photographers in Key West, you don't just get a printed image, you get a finished work of art that you'll love displaying.

Want to hear more about working with Vaughn Garner for your Key West images? Contact us today.

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