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"I first met Vaughn in 2011 and I think it is true to say that when he spoke with me about showing his photographs in SoDu Gallery, I immediately felt both his joy and passion for Key West.  Since that time, Vaughn has developed his art into a style all his own.  He has learned to capture the essence of the nature that surrounds and envelops our little island.  It is Vaughn Garner's imagination and creativity that makes his photographs come alive and are an inspiration, forever reminding us of how lucky we are to live on a tropical island."  Karen Beauprie, Artist, owner and partner, SoDu Gallery, Key West

"As someone who lived in Key West when I was younger, there is no better way to bring back fond memories of my favorite parts of living on the island.  No other photographer captures the remarkable images of the beauty of Key West like Vaughn Garner does.  My heart will always have a place in the sunset, the water, and the architecture of this stunning place.  This is the next best thing to being there.  Thank you for the memories!”  Susan Hamilton, NYU Press

"Vaughn's stunning sunset and sunrise photos of Key West are rich in color and detail.  Seeing one is almost as good as being there."  Fran Decker, Artist and owner, Frangipani Gallery, Key West

"Vaughn Garner captures the essence of island life, creating surreal sunrises with the interaction of the sea, nautical birds and clouds to create chromatic colors that emblazon the tropical skies only found in our islands."  George Gilliland, Key West Art Illustrations

“5 Stars - Very Pleased.”  Sandra

“I live in Key West, and the photographer really captures it all!  Wonderful way to remember your time in Key West.”  Oliver

“Key West at it's best!  This photographer has managed to capture the true essence of Key West.”  Glen

“Awesome!  Vaughn Garner's work captures the natural beauty of Key West as never seen before.”  Dominic

“Stunning!  Key West is a beautiful place.  Vaughn Garner captures that beauty and creates an almost surreal presentation of that beauty.”  Carl

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