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Bahia Honda Bridge

Bahia Honda Bridge

Shot at Bahia Honda State Park, Florida on January 2, 2012. This was the last bridge that was completed during the construction of the Overseas Railroad. When they finished it in early January 1912, Key West was connected to the mainland for the first time. A few days later, on January 22, 1912 Henry Flagler rode the very first train into Key West!

Key West Photos: How To Separate The Boring From The Breathtaking

It's no secret that, when it comes to natural and architectural imagery, few regions in the world can compare to Key West. Here at Vaughn Garner Photography, we know firsthand that our beautiful region offers a unique and distinctive vibe that has travelers everywhere clamoring to visit our little piece of paradise. Of course, visiting the region isn't enough, that's why pictures of Key West have gained impressive popularity over recent years. Both locals and tourists alike have proven that they simply can't get enough of Key West photography – and who could blame them?

Screening Through Endless Online Photos Of Key West

If you've done a few browser searches on "pictures of Key West" or "photos of Key West" you already know firsthand that the litany of Key West photography options can initially feel overwhelming. Palm trees, sunsets and boat scenes can suddenly start to blend together in a weird kind of visual white noise. The seemingly endless supply of photos of Key West available for online purchase can leave prospective buyers struggling to pinpoint top quality from mere status quo.

Knowing what to look for when scrolling through pictures of Key West can help ensure that you end up with an image that you'll be proud to display in your home and/or office. When looking for a quality Key West photography firm, consider the following factors to help separate the boring from the breathtaking:

Photographer: Many online sites that tout pictures of Key West for sale only offer hobby photographers. However, there are firms, such as Vaughn Garner Photography, that offer both gorgeous photos of Key West as well as highly trained and experienced photographers. Look for a business with a technically skilled team to ensure your images are structurally and compositionally sound.

Comprehensive portfolio: The subject matter range in any photographer's portfolio can also help you identify frontrunners in the Key West photography field. This distinctive Florida region offers so much visually; don't settle for a generic, everyone-already-has-one image. At Vaughn Garner we offer a customers a comprehensive range of imagery. Wildlife, water scenes, sunsets – these are just some of the many photos you'll get to choose from when browsing our online gallery.

Print mediums: Of course, finding the right image is only the first step in the purchasing process, but you'll also want to find the best way to display your pictures of Key West. When screening through various providers, look for a photography study that also provides extensive print medium options. At Vaughn Garner Photography, we provide various print mediums on our photos of Key West. Our customers can choose from various paper finishes (lustre, watercolor, metallic, Giclée watercolor) to deliver a precise look and feel. Would you prefer a wall hanging instead of a print? Not a problem, Vaughn Garner images can be printed on Metal: Durable, archival, and stunning, as well as a range of canvas materials in various sizes for a custom final look. Vaughn Garner even offers a huge selection of frame options to help our customers put together a one-of-a-kind finished product that stands out in any space.

Ready to begin your search for breathtaking photos of Key West? Visit Vaughn Garner's extensive online image collection now or fill out a contact form today.

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