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Mallory Square Sunset Celebration

At Vaughn Garner Photography, we pride ourselves on not just capturing and printing photographs; our Florida Keys pictures actually deliver a visual experience for anyone who encounters them. Mangroves, horizons, harbors, coastlines and even scenic celebrations are just some of the many moments forever captured in our professional Florida Keys pictures, making them an ideal focal point in any room's décor.

Key Considerations When Choosing Florida Keys Pictures

Of course, at Vaughn Garner Photography, we understand that deciding to purchase one of our many photographs is merely the first step in successfully enhancing the overall décor of the space. The next thing homeowners must think about in the process is choosing the best size print for a specific hanging space. When making your size selection, it's important to think about the wall (or even shelf) that you'll be using for placement. Is it a large, open wall with nothing else hanging on it? Or, will your Florida Keys pictures be in a smaller area and/or sharing a space with other wall hangings? Planning with these details in mind (and a measuring tape in hand, of course) can help you select a size that won't get lost in an area or completely overwhelm the space.

Another key consideration when using our photos as the focal point in a room? Color. A room with a neutral color palette should showcase a picture with vivid, eye-catching imagery. When choosing a picture for this type of space, you may want to consider some of our vibrant, compelling sunrise/sunset Florida Keys pictures. Likewise, if you are selecting a picture for a room already full of bold colors, you may want to choose one of our more subtle, yet still visually-provocative images. Our coastal and harbor photographs offer cool, soothing blues and peaceful imagery that can deliver the perfect palette balance to louder surrounding shades and hues.

Tips for Hanging Your Selected Images

Finding the perfect place to hang your photograph is another key consideration. The general rule of thumb is to hang the picture at eye level to ensure that it gets the attention that it deserves. If you plan on hanging the photo over a sofa or other large object, try to place the bottom of the frame just 3-6 inches above the item. Hanging the photo any higher than 6 inches will distract attention away from the frame and direct it right to the empty wall space.

Still feeling a little concerned about how the picture will look when mounted on your wall? Make a template of the piece. Outline the shape and size of your photo using craft paper. From there, use an easy to remove adhesive to stick the template in the precise location that the photo will hang. This allows you to get a solid visual image of placement and how it works within the room before you move forward with hanging your Florida Key pictures permanently.

If you're looking to personalize your home spaces, Vaughn Garner Photography can help. Browse our Florida Keys pictures now.

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